Just let me say this was the cutest set of costumes I have done yet, not necessarily the most difficult but just so adorable when it was all finished…I really wanted Sweet Pea the baby too, but of course my oldest son was not having any part of that!

I did a lot of research online looking at old cartoons of the famous couple to start with, that was really fun in and of itself.  Olive Oyle’s costume was pretty simple, I took a long sleeved red shirt and sewed old ruffled lace to the collar, then made a simple elastic waist long black skirt.  For the hair we did a tight bun and then sprayed hair completely black, added some long fake eyelashes and viola!  The funny thing with this costume, was a lot of people did not recognize her at all even though her face was completely free from a mask or makeup, changing the hair color from strawberry blonde to black made quite an impact!

Popeye was a little trickier…I ended up dying a child’s white underwear shirt blue and then adding a red felt color and cuffs and buttons for accents.  I found a white sailor hat online and then just added a pair of his sister’s white jeans that we rolled up to give cuffs.  Next I took an empty soup can covered it in green paper and added shreds of green paper spilling out to look like spinach, last touches were a corn cob pipe and a little anchor tattoo drawn on his arm.  He was so sweet and everyone just raved about how dang cute they looked together!