This Homemade Popeye the Sailor Man Costume is Popeye in his spinach can. I purchased the Sailor outfit on Etsy. It is a vintage Cracker Jack outfit. The Spinach can was all handmade. The can is made with a laundry basket from Target, and felt. I cut the bottom out of the can so that it was more like a tube or a tunnel. The can stays up by suspenders and mitton clips for your winter coat.

My son absolutely loves Popeye. We looked all over for a costume that we liked. Everything seemed really cheesy and looked the same. We wanted something a little different. So out came the glue gun and we started to put it together. The hat was purchased on eBay. It is just a cheap sailor cap.

In all, this costume was pretty inexpensive. My son was 3 in this picture.