After our son was born this year, we wanted to do something as a family, an after looking at your site we found it was so interesting and a great help, we decided this Homemade Popeye, Olive Oyl and Sweet Pea Family Costume would be an easy and fun costumes to make. We first tried to buy the costumes from the store but we just weren’t happy about the quality so we went on our own.

For Popeye I went to a used clothing store for the pants and shirt, I also picked up ribbon, fabric, Styrofoam, glue,buttons and felt from Michaels, the shoes where clown shoes and sprayed them with black paint. I carved the arms out of Styrofoam an covered them with latex skin and make up an drew an anchor on them.

I ordered the hat and corn pipe. The can of spinach was from a regular can I just printed the picture on it ( I love the cup idea but I knew we had the baby all night).

Jenny’s outfit was ordered. She just used her own shoes and accessories and Brandon’s costume was a chilly pepper costume and I just cut the top off an glued the felt around the top an put hair scrounges around his wrist!, He was a great sport he kept the hat on all night!