We tried to think of an awesome and unique costume that involved 5 but found it difficult to think of what we could be. As we brainstormed some more, I went to the fridge to get a drink and came back with a coke and that’s where it all began. As we searched to see what our options were we came across this site and found a picture of girls that had come up with similar homemade Pop Cans group Halloween costume ideas. So we decided to all be different pop cans of our choice and make dresses that would resemble the can. As we are all students at University and unable to afford to spend a lot of money, as well as it was the night before Halloween- we didn’t have very much time to put everything together.

So we went to fabricland and found the best material to use for the main part of the dress. It was shiny and would look like the base of the pop can the most and it also happen to have every colour we needed spot on. So we each bought our dress fabric and some colored felt that we needed to create the logo. Overall the most any one of us had to pay for the materials was 11 dollars.

We returned right home and started drawing and cutting out the logo the best we could and glue gunned them to our fabric. It really only took about 4 hours all together to get the costume in wearable condition. Most of us used safety pins to keep them up, coke decided to go an extra step and sew an elastic around the top part to get it to stay better. As we were working on them, we thought it would be funny to add in joke nutritional facts on the back like real cans, and our crush girl had the idea of using some of the extra fabric we had as headbands.

As a finishing touch we added straws in our chest as if someone could take a sip from the can. It was a lot of fun making it and was so cheap and convenient that it worked out perfect for us.