For Halloween we went as a pirate family. Our costumes were semi-homemade. The pirate ship our infant son rode in was our pride and joy and took hours to make. It was such a hit we had people stopping us while we were trick or treating to look at it. They commented on all the details and how creative it was and how they had never seen anything like it before.

To make the pirate ship the base was our children’s regular plastic wagon. We purchased a roll of brown construction paper at our local retail store. It took a lot of patience, tape, and cutting but we got it covered!

Next was the front of the ship which was very difficult because we had to layer the construction paper to make it strong enough to form a peak for the front of the ship. Next we painted the water on the bottom of the ship using blue paint. Once that dried it was on to the cannons. The cannons were made out of black foam rolled into a tube and hot glued on. We then glued on some cut foil to resemble fire coming out of the cannons. We put three cannons on each side.

After that was the fun part, putting on all the finishing touches. We had a skull on the front of the ship with a treasure chest, skeletons hanging all around the ship, a parrot on the back, a helm we printed on construction paper from our computer and cut out and glued on. We also had a pirate flag that was also printed on construction paper from our computer cut out, glued on to a wooden dowel and painted the dowel black.

For our pirate costumes we borrowed pieces from friends and purchased some items at our local dollar store. Our son’s goatee was drawn on with eye liner and was also very cute!

We had a great time and got many compliments from everyone for our homemade pirate family Halloween costume. But I must say, the pirate ship was wonderful!!!