I work at an English school teaching little kids English in Seoul, South Korea. For Halloween, I wanted something the kids would recognize and enjoy. All my students adore Pokémon, making it an easy pick. Pikachu is the most recognizable Pokémon, so it was the best idea.

First, I bought a bright yellow hoodie. Lots of Pikachu costumes are very sexualized, but I didn’t think that route was appropriate for kindergarten! I also bought a yellow long sleeved dress and fabric paint.

Then, I removed the sleeves and used one for the ears with the other for the tail! I cut little slits into the hood and with a wire hanger and stuffing, I attached the ears to the head. Did the same with the tail, but had to be a bit creative with the zig-zags. I painted the tops of the ears black and added brown stripes to the back of the hoodie.

Finally, I wore the dress with the hoodie, yellow tights, and yellow shoes! Added some red dots to my face and PI-KA!!

The kids went crazy for it and students that weren’t even mine came up to me and called me “Pikachu teacher.” Even months afterwards I was known as Pikachu teacher! Don’t know how I’ll top that one this year!