I started on her hat first. I got her hat at a discounted wholesale store for $1. Then I went to Hobby Lobby and got little peacock feathers and some black feathers and used a glue gun to glue the feathers onto her hat. 

Next I made her green and blue tutu. I used tulle fabric and also an elastic band. Cut the green and blue tulle fabric in to strips and tied them around the elastic band. Next I sewed both ends of the elastic bands so that it forms a complete circle that now becomes a tutu.

I measure my dog’s lower back to make sure the cardboard I cut out would be placed standing up on her lower back when I place the peacock feathers onto the piece of cardboard. I ordered peacock feathers from eBay. It took two weeks to ship in. I then cut half a circle shape about an inch and a half thick out of a cardboard. I then lined up the peacock feathers to be placed onto the cardboard box using a glue gun. By now it should look like an open hand fan made of peacock feathers.

I then snipped two little holes on each end of the cardboard and used a yarn to tie underneath her belly to keep the peacock feathers placed standing up. She already had a turquoise color shirt so it was perfect to wear along with the rest of the costume I made her.