I really wanted something pretty and elegant for my little one and a half year old and I love tutus so I decided on a homemade peacock costume after combing the internet for ideas. I found some that were made to look more like the actual bird but I wanted gorgeous, girly, but still recognizable as a peacock which is how we got our costume!

To make the tutu you need:
Elastic cut to a little smaller than child’s waist
ribbon, tulle in the colors and length you would like, and any trim (feather or other ideas).

Tie elastic into circle, cut the tulle into strips (should be double the length you want finished). Fold strips in half and place folded end on top of elastic. Bring bottom ends of tulle around elastic and pull through folded end to secure onto elastic. Be sure not to pull to tight and over stretch your elastic or you will end up with a too big tutu.

Repeat all the way around elastic alternating colors as you like. Once tutu is finished find the part you would like as front center and loop ribbon the same way as the tulle so that it can tie around child’s neck. Attach feathers and trim to cover the base of the ribbon tie.

For the tail you need:
One half sphere piece of foam, 13 (or more) peacock feathers (we got ours at Michaels), ribbon long enough to secure around childs waist, Velcro to attach ribbon (works better than tying), glue, and glitter.

Lay out the feathers on the floor the way you would like to put them for the tail. Trim feathers appropriately so they lay the way you want making sure to leave about an inch extra to put into the foam. Once you like your feather layout, poke them into the foam about a half inch from the flat edge (the flat edge goes against the child’s back and you don’t want them right at the edge or they will hit the child in the head all night).

Once holes are poked and you are happy with how it looks (took us two tries so we turned the foam and poked more) take feather out and glue in place. Once glue is dry, glue ribbon to flat side of foam and glue or stick Velcro pieces to ends of ribbon. Finally coat rounded part of foam with glue and apply glitter to hide foam.

For hair piece you need:
Marabou clip or puff and hair clip, feather trim, and extra feathers.

We used a marabou clip from the craft store and took off the marabou. Glued the marabou to the feather trim (used for masks, has the tall spidery feathers we wanted) and the peacock feather to the trim as well and then reattached it to the clip.

Finally for the shoe covers you need:
Black felt, black elastic, Velcro, glitter and glue.

I cut out the shape of a bird foot wide and long enough to cover the front of her boot with a felt strap that could wrap around the back of her boot. i then traced it 3 more times. Sew two of the feet together and lightly stuff (I used felt scraps instead of buying stuffing) then attach elastic to undersides of toes to slide under shoe and keep on their feet. Finally add Velcro to straps and glue and glitter to create nails.

We dressed her in all black and put on the tutu dress. I had a friend help part and hold up the tutu so I could attach the tail under the tutu. We put the foot covers and hair clip on and were ready to go with her homemade peacock costume!