I love doing homemade and original Halloween costumes. I thought of peacock, and discovered that this was not an original costume this year. (I didn’t personally run into any other peacocks, but heard about many others.) It was still a lot of fun, though, and everyone who saw the Homemade Peacock Costume was hugely impressed.

The dress I already owned and figured it pretty perfect. The feathers were actually acquired from a community theater in my hometown. They no longer needed the feathers and gave them to me for my use (before I was offered these, I was going to order them on-line and had found a cruelty-free peacock ranch that collects the feathers around molting season.)

I made a simple, but pretty headband out of a black headband and hot-glued a single large feather onto the side.

The tail was obviously the most difficult part. I ended up having to re-do it multiple times because of having size issues. I would advise doing measurements first and cutting the feathers short enough for your use. I bought an “Geisha” fan at a Party America store and covered the red fabric with navy blue fabric. The feathers were laid out and hot-glued onto the spokes (my original plan was to create a tail that could be up or down, but it ended up not working out.)

Next, I attached three brass rings to the fan and found a black scarf/belt. I looped this through and tied it as a bow in front. This part took many tries to get right and I was glad I started this project months before Halloween. I had to have the hoops in just the right places so that the tail stayed firmly against my back. Also, the tail had to be easy to remove and put back on because I knew I would be riding in a car going to multiple parties. The most inconvenient part of the tail was that it was wider than I had planned on. I ended up figuring out a method to move it out of the way when I was walking around, but it was definitely inconvenient.

I wore black gloves and found black feather “scrunchies” to add to the bird effect. I also wore grey leggings and black shoes (also to add to the bird effect). And I purchased blue hair spray to give myself a bit more blue.

My make-up was a lot of fun. I did sapphire blue eyeshadow on the top and bottom edges of my eyes. My lids got emerald green and then I filled the rest in with gold shimmer. I also extended my “lashes” with blue eyeliner. I put blue eyeliner on my eyebrows and on my lips. I got many compliments on my make-up. (Also, I had originally purchase a pair of fake lashes that had feathers off the sides, but I couldn’t get them to stay on. I do wish I would have been able to use them.)

As mentioned, everyone was impressed that I made the whole thing and I had a blast with it.