Two years in the making and I finally was able to be a peacock for Halloween! I had this vision of being a peacock but I really wanted to be able to flip my tail up and down as I pleased. I visited this site and love the peacock costume you guys did here. It was a really good motivation to persue mine. It was a real challenge to be able to flip it up and down without it being painful but it was an even bigger challenge to be able to do everything else like sitting, going in and out of cars, going up and down staircases, going to the washroom, etc. So I did my research and it was time to put in the hours of labour.

I started with a cute teal green nightgown which I bought at a second hand store. I also found a teal bathrobe that would serve as the material for my tail. I cut off the sleeves and kept the majority of it as is. Then, I sew in 4 small wooden rods that I bought at the local home hardware store. With the original tie from the bathrobe, I was able to tie the tail around my waste and by pulling on the wooden rods I was able to flip it up very easy. I just need the clearance to do it . I was also able to put the tail on/off as I please since it was just a simple tie around the waste.

I bought 200 feathers online and glue them one by one with wood glue onto my fabric. I made my own earings by gluing feathers on an old pair of earings. I bought a necklace and a headband for accessories. I bought tulle at the local fabric store in two different colors to add to my costume. I bought panties hoes in teal color as well as teal shoes at the second hand store. I wore my hair up in a crazy Snookie bun style and did my make up inspired by a youtube video.

Overall, I spent around 20 hours making this Homemade Peacock Costume and around $75 in material. However, every reaction I got was worth it. Can’t wait to see what I’ll come up for next year!