I love Halloween and I love Robert Munsch’s childrens’ stories… especially The Paperbag Princess. This past year I was racking my brain trying to come up with a quick, cheap and easy, yet unique, Halloween costume idea when I took a gander at my book shelf. There it was.

This homemade paperbag princess costume cost me a total of $1.20. It’s 2 paper lawn waste bags. For the dress, all I did was cut holes out for my head and arms to fit through.

The crown took a bit of work, but was still pretty easy. I cut a long, wide strip from one of the bags, folded it length-wise a few times, rolled it onto a tube and stapled the seam closed. The spikes on the crown were made by cutting out long, narrow triangles, folded in half with low-gauge wire inside so they could be bent and twisted. These were then affixed to the tube part of the crown with clear packing tape.

The whole crown was then wrapped and covered in the same tape to make it a bit sturdier. I stapled a narrow elastic headband to the crown (the same colour as my hair) to keep it on my head.

I wore a flesh-coloured bodysuit underneath and a pair of ratty shoes. DONE!