The Owl

I was inspired to make this Homemade Owl Costume by goggles and my neighborhood owl who ‘hoots’ me to sleep at night.

The goggles are 1930’s motorcycle goggles with glass lenses I found on eBay. In order to attach the feathers without permanently damaging my new vintage goggles, I felted an old wool sweater in the washing machine Then I cut out the shape of the goggles along with two circles where the lenses are. Then I just popped the felt piece over the lenses and glued feathers to the felt. Then I took some purple wool and needle-felted it into a beak which was sewn onto the goggle felt. Ta-da! I thought that the circular shape of the lenses was very ‘owly’.

The wings were a slightly time-consuming process. First, I found some cool textured tights with a little bit of fishnet on them. One pair I used for my legs, the other for the wings. I cut the legs off the wing pair and used them for arm covering. Then I found four different types of fabric and sewed them into a bunch of individual cloth feathers. These I sewed together to make the wings and attached to the arm coverings along with another piece of black fabric onto which I glued feathers. So the wings had a little skin, a little fabric, and some real feathers.

The shirt is made of various pairs of pants that I found at the thrift store and cut into long scalloped piece. These were sewed together, one on top of the other to get the feathery look of the top.

I also made some feather hair clips that hung down the back of my hair for some added dimension.

It’s a lot of fun being an owl and you’re sure to have a hoot’n good time!