My work Christmas party has a fancy dress theme every year, and this year’s was quite broad, being “A Step Back In Time”, so basically anything from the past. After much umming and aahing and different ideas at a group level (including The Flintstones and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure), I decided to go my own way and go as a Homemade Optimus Prime Transformer Costume.

Sourcing cardboard boxes was fairly easy and, using various pictures of Optimus Prime I could find online as inspiration, as well as pictures of Optimus Prime costumes, I got to work. My first idea was to simply use red and blue paint. I started doing this but, quite frankly, it looked a mess. I then bought a couple of rolls of blue and red paper, thinking I could cover the entire thing in paper and it would look passable. Nope, I was wrong, and it looked quite ridiculous. I then finally decided to just cover the entire costume with coloured tape I had already purchased from eBay but was unsure about using for everything.

This change of idea turned out to be a Godsend as, when the costume was finished, at 2.30 in the morning on the day of my party, I was finally happy.

So, the costume is basically five cardboard boxes all held together with parcel and duck tape with some lovely woman’s silver legging underneath (quite tight!). I also stole some wheels from a toy car belonging to my young son (I hope he’ll forgive me!), to add some detail to the leg pieces.

Total cost for the bits I finally used was only £20 or thereabouts, although I wasted almost the same again buying the paint and paper I didn’t actually use! Still, it was all worthwhile as I won the prize at the party for the best dressed male, a right result!