Me and my wife are really big fans of Halloween and “the Nightmare Before Christmas” movie. I am an artist and thought I could be the Mayor of Halloween town since I have never before seen a costume as the mayor and also I couldn’t pull off being Jack (he’s tall and thin). My wife is a perfect Sally though!

For the Mayor costume I started with the head, made out of foam and sewed into a cone shape, then with fabric we (my mom the sewer) made the hat. I painted the face with fabric markers and glued the eyes out of thin foam. We cut the mouth so that I can see through and then covered it with a thin see through fabric.

The body was all sewn with fabrics and some foam for the collar and the mayor’s “spider tie”. A xilaphone was built for the mayor out of foam and silver fabric. I also had a hoola-hoop inside the body for support but I didn’t need it at the end of the day. It was to hard to walk in and to sit down in.

For the Sally costume I made her mask from a generic mask that I bought and painted (with acrylics) the face blue and added the scars and eyelashes with some furry wires found in the craft store. We then found a Raggedy Ann wig for the red hair for Sally. The body part of the costume was again sewn and stitched from different pieces of fabrics to look authentic.

It is great having a mother who likes to get into these projects with and that can help you complete your image of the costume. Thanks mom!

As you can see in the photo below, the Mayor has two faces, a happy one and a sad/irritated one.

Nightmare Before Christmas Costume

Nightmare Before Christmas Costume