I work for an advertising agency and Halloween is a HUGE deal. Most everyone dresses up and each year the ideas get better and better. This Navi from Avatar Costume was from this year and I won!! Yay!

Here’s how I created the look…I took a pair of white tights and a tight white shirt and dyed them blue. Then I painted the blue stripes on them. I already had the wig and ended up cutting up another long black haired wig to make one big braid like the Avatar’s have – but it didn’t come out much longer than my main one. Anyhow, I sewed together the tail from an old sheet, dyed it blue and stuffed it full of pillow stuffing I had on hand. I cut some of the hair off of the wig I had already chopped up and used it at the end of the tail.

I made the skirt out of fake suede fabric and cut the ends, with a quick single stitch across the top I was able to make an area to shove a rope through to use as the belt. The headband was made from a fake leather fabric that I cut to a shape similar to what Neytri wore. I added the white thing on the front to look like a tooth. (It was just some jewelry piece)

Then I bought a long necklace from a rummage sale that had beads and fuzzy fabric that reminded me of feathers. This necklace was the inspiration for the idea! I made my own bracelets for each arm.

I painted my face and neck, my arms midway up and feet and ankles light blue, I added dark blue and white dots. I used fake feather eyelashes and even colored the end of my nose pink. The teeth were individual caps, so they looked real! I hot glued some feathers in the wig and made the ears from cardboard and painted them.

My husband made the bow for me from a tree in our back yard, we added string and some feathers at the top and voila!

I had so much fun doing this – blue paint and all!