My daughter always enjoys being something scary for Halloween. This year, she had a Homemade Mummy Girl Unique Halloween Costume Idea. I didn’t see anything in the stores that I liked, so I decided to make the costume myself.

I started with an old turtleneck, pants, thin cotton gloves, and pair of Crocs from my daughter’s closet. Then, I purchased 3 yards of muslin from the fabric store. I cut out two pieces to make a head covering and cut the rest into long, thin strips and dyed the muslin overnight in a mixture of tea and hot water to give it an aged appearance.

Next, I got out my hot glue gun and a package of glue sticks. I stuffed newspaper into the clothes to give them some shape while I was gluing. I glued the strips to the outfit, wrapping them horizontally and diagonally until the outfit underneath was entirely covered. I also covered her shoes. I then sewed a hood out of the two pieces of muslin and used 2 strips to tie the hood under her chin. I cut a few small slits in the hood to pull out some strands of hair. I used temporary hair spray to turn her hair that was sticking out grey. I cut a slit in the back of the turtleneck so that she could fit her head in, and added some strips of ivory colored tulle to add extra visual interest.

Finally, I painted her face dark grey and added dark circles under her eyes. I tried to find some lighter colored face paint that would give a peeling appearance, but I didn’t have any luck.
The costume held up really well and received a lot of compliments. I am planning on sending it to my sister for her daughter to wear next year!