Homemade Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head couple costumes, all created by using fabric, felt, and some construction paper.

For Mr. Potato Head: the hat can really be any type of black hat. I didn’t own one at the time, so we had to make one out of construction paper.

The fabric used to make the costumes was just brown fleece blanket material found at any fabric store. This is the only part of the costume that is sewn. I really have no clue how to properly sew so this is how I began the process. I took about a yard of the material and laid it on the floor, then I laid down and had someone trace the amount that I needed around my body, then I folded the yard in half and sewed it up! Then just leave room for your arms and legs.

I then cut out the all of the pieces of the potato heads using felt (I’m no artist, believe me, but this was really the easiest part and it turned out great). All you need to do is hot glue the pieces down to the fabric. In order to get the exact shapes of the pieces just do an internet search for Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.

For Mrs. Potato Head: the head piece is the only difference, just take a standard head band, pipe cleaner, and pink fabric. Begin shaping the fabric into a flat bow, just as you would imagine a bow tie (only flat). Then take the pipe cleaner and wrap it around the head band and fabric in the center of the bow. And that should be it!

Under the costumes wear black pants and white long sleeve shirt.

The hands were the only part of the costume that was purchased ready made. They can be purchased at any Halloween merchandise store. You really don’t need these, any standard white mittens or gloves can be used. You can usually purchase a set of 3 of these for about $1 at big chain stores.

Amount of time to make the costumes: approximately 3 hours

Amount of money spent to make the costumes: approximately $20 + the cost of the hands which were $10 a set.