These are our cool homemade Monsters Inc. family
costumes. I dressed as Mike, my husband was Mike and our little girl was Boo.

For Mike’s costume, I used 9 layers of paper mache over an exercise ball. Be careful not to cover the plug so that you can deflate it and save it for another occasion. I then painted it with Mike’s features. I used an ordinary construction hat that I painted to resemble the hats in the movie.

For my husband’s costume, I used about 3 yards of furry fabric. I dyed it three times because it was acrylic, a material that does not absorb dye very well. The spots were fabric paint which comes in an aerosol can. I put a headband on the inside of his hood to keep the horns erect. I also put a metal hanger in the tail (which you can’t see here) to keep it raised instead of flopping down.

Boo’s costume was purple fleece lined with grey fleece. I used a mop head for the hair and the eye balls were Styrofoam balls, attached to pipe cleaners and then covered with black electrical tape.

We got so many compliments on Halloween.