My two sons are currently obsessed with the movie Monster’s Inc so my mom and I decided to make them Sulley and Mike Wazowski costumes. For both costumes we used fleece fabric. We matched the colors as close as we could but Sulley’s purple spots were hard to find. We ended up using fabric paint and different sized circle stencils to make the spots.

We simply sponge painted them on and let it dry before we cut the fabric. Neither of us are super experienced so we used patterns to guide us in the overall construction of the outfits. For Sulley we used a dragon costume pattern and Mike we used a pumpkin pattern. We altered each one to get them to look like the characters. We used felt for most of the facial features. We also found a plastic hard hat at the local party store and spray painted it blue.
Then we constructed the Monster’s Inc symbol out of felt and hot glued it to the hat. For Mike, I was really lucky to be able to find a shirt and a pair of pants close in color to wear under the costume. They were from the girls department but he will never know.

My sons we super excited to dress up as their favorite characters. I love to call them my little monsters so this Monster’s Inc Couple Costume suited them well. Happy Halloween!!