It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to be for Halloween, but it finally came to me. A Homemade Mime Costume would be a unique costume plus it would stand out from all the others. I was just looking through my clothes and when I found a black and white striped shirt, the first thing that came to me was being a mime.

How I made and designed the costume was easy. The only two things I purchased were the makeup and the hat. Most of the other stuff I was wearing I had already.

You can buy any kind of white or black face paint for only about 1$. First I put the white face paint all over my face, and then when that dried I made a black triangle under my eyes. I bought black lipstick for about 50 cents and put in all over my lips. The hat I bought at a Halloween store for only 5$. It looks like a Paris hat with a little piece of fabric sticking up in the middle of the hat.

The socks I used white soccer socks I had but you can just use any long white socks. I found a pair of black and white shoes in my closet so I used that to match everything too.

I used plain black sweats and a black and white striped shirt for the clothing part. My friend gave me her suspenders so I just added that to make the costume look better. I also had a pair of plain white gloves to use for the costume too.

The best thing was that I got lots of compliments.