My costume is totally cobbled together by me. I decided to be Medusa and so set out to get all the necessary pieces. First, I purchased a black, curly wig, and a BOATLOAD of snakes from a party store. I used tiny rubber-bands to interweave the snakes into the wig. Then I went to the thrift store and found a cheap plain white dress.

Finally, I went to a fabric store and bought the Greek-looking gold border and ribbon that I sewed onto my dress. I also got the green shimmery snake-like fabric and draped it around my white dress to tie in the Greek and reptilian theme. I pinned some leftover rubber snakes onto my dress.

Finally, I put the icing on the cake – my face makeup. To achieve this snaky look, I had to stretch fishnet pantyhose over my face and dab makeup onto my face. The lines of the pantyhose create a perfect snakelike pattern, but you have to be very careful of taking the pantyhose off your face so you don’t smudge the makeup. I went to a midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show and almost won 1st place in the costume contest!! I am a teacher, and my kids totally LOVED my homemade Medusa adult Halloween costume :)

Happy Halloween!!