I have always loved the story ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and with the movie just out it seemed like the perfect costume for our 17 month old son Sampson.

We have not seen the film yet so I went mostly off of the book. This is how I made the Homemade Max King of the Wild Things Costume. I bought some super snuggly white fabric form my local fabric shop and got started. At first I thought I would cover one of his sleepers in the fabric, easier said than done. Also we live in San Diego and its still very hot this time of year, since we are planning on taking him to the Zoo for Halloween I thought he would be roasting in the hot sun.

So I started over by tracing his sleeper for the right size onto the fabric. I sewed all along the edges and left the neck open. I hemmed the sleeves extra short so that he wont mess them up at lunch time.

I cut down the front so we could slip it on and off and it closes with Velcro. I had made the shoulders too wide and it was slipping off of him so I had to move the fabric further over to make sure it stayed on. I covered some large buttons in fur and sewed them onto the front.

For the hood I had a hard time getting the right shape with the fabric, it looked too floppy, so i cut the hood off a sweatshirt he already has but never wears and covered it in the white fabric and then attached it to the costume.

The hat was purchased from an etsy.com shop (a website of all handmade goods) as well as the tail. I attached both by hand sewing them with dental floss (holds extra well when you have a 17 month old tugging at the tail hanging from his backside!)

My friend said in the movie Max wore black converse, and Sampson already had a pair so his costume was now complete! We wanted him to be able to run around in it since we are going out during the day time.