My friends and I are always looking for a funny Halloween costume. We want to stick out and be something original! I think we did it last year with our Homemade Mario Kart Character Costumes.

We started off thinking of our favorite characters in the game and then decided how we would approach making them! Since my one friend is very crafty, we made most of our costume parts, with a couple trips to the thrift store! Toad was very simple, we got a skin coloured shirt (since in the game he doesn’t wear a shirt), and a blue vest. We then sewed some yellow fabric on it to make it as accurate as possible.

We made the toad head and stuffed it so it would stick out. Yoshi, was tricky. We fully constructed the head and then just got some green clothes for the body. Princess Peach was fun! We bought a big rink dress from the thrift store and taped a cardboard jewel on the front to make it look more accurate!

We got a lot of praise for our idea and had a lot of fun that night!

  Mario Kart Character Costumes