Here you see my four children, AKA Luigi, Koopa Troopa, Yoshi, and Princess Peach, and my niece and nephew, AKA Mario and Toadette. My oldest, seen here as Luigi, had been teaching himself the Mario theme song on the sax for weeks, so as we gave thought to what the kids might want to be for Halloween, the tune was running through all of our heads (even as we slept!), and so was born the idea to recruit their cousins and do all of the Mario Bros characters we could come up with.

For Mario and Luigi, I used a polyester double knit, made into a simple overall pattern. For size I traced a pair of their pants, then oversized them a bit. To this I added large buttons found at the dollar store and painted yellow. Shirts were easy to find and inexpensive at the second-hand store. Their hats are made of felt, and their gloves are white stretchy one size fits all which you can usually find at the dollar store.

Yoshi is made of green sweatshirt material – he was toasty warm – with a velcro opening along one side of his white felt belly for easy on/off. A nose made of the same material and felt eyes were added to a green baseball cap. For the shells on his back, I painted paper masks red and pinned them on (you know, the kind of paper masks you wear to protect yourself from breathing fumes? I got them from the dollar store).

Koopa Troopa was made by cutting the same green sweatshirt material into pentagon shapes and sewn together (like half of a soccer ball), then sewn onto a large white felt circle and stuffed. On this I sewed a white t-shirt from which I had cut off the sleeves, and a yellow felt tail. His hat was made the same way as Yoshi’s, except that I used a knit cap as a base, which I made from an old yellow t-shirt. He wore the turtle suit over a yellow turtleneck and yellow knit pants.

Toadette’s hat was made by stuffing some circles cut from a pink dress that was left over from my daughter. You can’t see her outfit in the picture, as the baby is only 8 weeks old, so she had to be in her carrier, but she’s wearing a pink dress made from material I had left from a past year’s costume, and a red vest cut from a red t-shirt and trimmed with yellow material.

Last but not least is Princess Peach. For her dress, I started with a fancy white church dress, dyed it pink, draped hot pink material at her waist, and sewed the same material onto her collar. Her crown is glittery craft foam, and her earrings are fake rubber grapes, painted blue, and hot glued onto earring posts. For her brooch, I cut an oval from thin wood and drilled two holes in it. I made a loop by putting a piece of wire in the holes with the ends toward the front. I covered the front with a few layers of hot glue, painted the glue blue, then another layer of hot glue.

I finished by painting yellow around the edge and sewing the wire loop onto the dress. Oh, and her gloves were wedding type elbow gloves which I shortened the fingers.

This homemade Mario children’s group Halloween costume was a big hit on trick or treat night as we traveled up and down the street to the Mario theme, played by Luigi on his sax!