Well, Halloween was rolling around the corner again and it was time to start brainstorming! This year I came up with the idea of being a Magic Mirror.

To make this homemade Magic Mirror costume, I used a big piece of cardboard, some Styrofoam, brown, black, gold and silver paint, some colored rhinestones, silver face paint, some elastic straps, a clip (the kind you would find on a fanny pack), a smaller box and some strong glue.

First, I laid out the big piece of cardboard and started designing the face of the costume. I painted the bricks around the “mirror” and then I painted the actual mirror of the costume in silver. Then, I cut the Styrofoam out in two pieces so when joined together, they made the frame of the mirror. I painted the frame gold and then glued some rhinestones on to it. I cut out the face hole in the mirror, then started with the support system. For this, I glued the smaller box so it would be resting on my head when in the face hole. This part should not be rushed. You really want to make sure your box is at a comfortable place so your costume is easier to wear.

Lastly comes the elastics and the clip. I stapled one end of each elastic so they were on top of each of my shoulders. I sewed each part of the clip to the other end of each elastic. After that, all I had left to do was put on the face paint and wear that costume! To put it on, I took the two “clip” ends of the elastic and crossed them behind my upper back and clipped them under my bust in the front.

VOILA!!! I had myself a homemade Magic Mirror costume!

This costume was pretty cheap to make, I’d say around $50-$70. It is a fun costume that will surely be a hit at any costume party as you go around telling people they are the fairest of the land! I’ll warn you though, this costume is tough to wear on a windy day as you go from being a magic mirror to a giant sail!