Well I started out by acquiring the jacket which I found on Craig’s list. Then the pants I found at Hot Topic. The shoulder pad was made from actual football shoulder pads that were modified and riveted directly to the jacket.

The legbrace was made from 2 aluminum strips that I bought at home depot, and the joints were actual knee brace joints from my younger brother’s knee brace. The brace is all held to the left leg with three dog collars. The boots were my old motocross boots that were painted flat black for effect. The left boot was modified to hold the bottom of the legbrace with a piece of tubing drilled right through the heel then bolted. The gun holster was made completely out of the right sleeve with two dog collars as straps.

This Homemade Mad Max Costume took little over a month to build and perfect with all the research that needed to be done to get it right. Thank you for reading my description and hope you like as much as I do.