I was so disappointed with the store bought costumes when my daughter wanted to be the Mad Hatter, so we made one that put them to shame. The only “prepared” piece we had was the hat. I scoured Thrift shops and got a simple brown jacket, and a pair of pants.

I used the costumer’s best friend, Liquid Stitch to attach gathered lace to the cuffs. We added a simple pink blouse and found a wonderful silky material that had a great floral (ish?) pattern to tie as a loose bow tie. I took an old pair of khaki pants and taped off stripes to “spay paint” for pin stripes. I also took a Blanket/kilt pin and tied ribbons to make the ribbon pin to attach to the side and a remnant of pink fabric for his handkerchief on the other side.

The spool of thread bandoleer was made from that cheap bulk thread you can get for beginning sewers. I used twine as chain became too expensive. We added some wacky socks and a found pair of old hiking boots to “top” it off. I also used grease paint and blended the makeup to make it look like the face on the poster (which is still hanging on my bathroom wall..creepy when getting out of the shower!). This was easy for me as I am a painter. I recommend powder as the grease paint runs and is hard to control.

I used a strip of fake fur sprayed orange and trimmed to size for the eyebrows and liquid latex to attach them. I also took a pair of toddler mittens and cut them open to make the fingerless gloves and made “hat pins” from craft wire and some cool beads, one was a key, a teapot, a cameo, a cup and a star that said “wish” on it. They were really sweet. She did have yellow contacts but by the time the big day rolled around her eyes still did not adjust to them and it was too painful to wear them. ($20 down the drain!)

She had more compliments for this Homemade Mad Hatter Unique Halloween Costume Idea than any other trick-or-treaters Sunday night!