At the University of Leeds (England) there is a pub crawl called the Otley Run which is traditionally completed in fancy dress. It consists of around 20 pubs/bars and ends in one of the main clubs in the city centre. For my 22nd birthday I had decided on a ‘Kids!!’ theme for the event and as Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite Disney films, I decided to recreate my own Homemade Lumiere Costume!

For the head I used a large piece of stiff cardboard and rolled it into a tube, fastening it together with big staples. I then covered it in white material and cut a hole through both layers for my face. I hung a piece of material with Lumieres face drawn on it, over the face hole. This could be lifted up for easier communication/heat reduction/drinking! I pierced a hole in the top of the material and made a flame out of string and cardboard. This didn’t stand up very well though; I should have used something a little sturdier.

For the main body/candlestick I got a long piece of shiny yellow fabric and made a sort of ‘tube’ by sewing along one long edge. I then cut arm holes in it and sewed a sort of head hole into it. Along the bottom edge I sewed a piece of cable into it which was quite pliable to make a hooped bottom. I tied a piece of the yellow fabric around my legs at the knee level which together with the cable made the base of the candle. This did however make walking quite difficult! I made the collar out of cardboard, again covering it in yellow fabric.

I wore white latex gloves and made little flames attached to string which I tied around my middle fingers. I used plastic plant pots covered with the off cuts of the shiny yellow fabric and I painted my forearms and the arms of my t-shirt yellow.

For the match I used a stick and wrapped masking tape around the end which I painted red. And there you have it! One Lumiere outfit! By the end of the night the outfit was a little depleted – various bits and pieces missing!

Apologies for lack of pictures of the production process!! I hope my description gives you a rough idea of how I made it though!!