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Coolest Homemade Lumiere and Babette Couple Costume 6

by Erin
(Richmond, VA, USA)

 Homemade Lumiere and Babette Couple Costume

Homemade Lumiere and Babette Couple Costume

As always, I began stressing about how to top the previous year's Halloween costume in August. After a friend suggested my fiancé went as Genie and I as the Magic Carpet, it dawned on me-he should go as Lumiere (the candle stick), and I as Babette (the feather duster) from Beauty and the Beast! Everyone laughed and told me "good luck" making a giant candlestick and a feather duster, but I knew with a little creativity and a lot of trips to Goodwill and the Dollar store this Homemade Lumiere and Babette Couple Costume could be done.

I sewed the tackiest gold curtains I could find from Goodwill together, and attached a hula hoop to the bottom so it bowed out like a candle holder. I then covered different sized trash cans with fabric, gold ribbon, gold mardi gras beads, and flickering flameless tea lights to make the "hands" and "hat" part of the costume.

To make the hat slightly more dramatic I made a big fake flame out of tissue paper with a strobe light underneath. The feather duster, Babette, costume proved more difficult to make. I cleared 4 local stores out of feathers by the time all was said and done. I sewed hundreds (possibly thousands, I wasn't counting) of feathers to the bottom of an old prom dress, cut out the poofy part of the dress, and attached it to a black skirt.

I then made my own "maid" headpiece, attached feathers to long black gloves, made feather earrings, made my apron, and attached feather eyelashes. It was all worth it for Halloween evening when we got to display the costumes and dramatically sing along to "Be our Guest"!

Beauty and the Beast Costume

Beauty and the Beast Costume

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