For this homemade live statue costume idea I started out with 2 – 26″ square boxes, one 22″ square box, and one 24″ Styrofoam wreath. I used the inside width of the wreath as the width of the column. Cut holes in both sides of the boxes so that a tube can go through the middle.

I took a refrigerator box and reinforced it with 14 gauge, galvanized wire near the top, middle and bottom, attaching with packing tape. This allowed the cardboard to roll, and not collapse or bend. Then I rolled it into the tube to go in the middle of the boxes, using packing tape and a glue gun to attach the entire project together.

I found a 6′ garland of leaves at Michael’s. Using acrylic paint, I painted each individual leaf. I actually had to do this more than once, as the leaves were not white to begin with and it was difficult to cover the old color. I then pained the entire column with an acrylic paint; then hot glue-gunned the garland around the base of the column.

For the dress, I bought 3 yards of white muslin, and made a simple sheath from 2 of the yards. With the last yard, I cut it in half and ironed accordion pleats into one of the pieces and stacked the other piece into pleats and stitched them on, then used a small piece of painted garland for the decor.

I found a fall wig at the Halloween store that I painstakingly painted white. I tried spray-painting it, but it did not work, but it stiffened the wig up nicely. Then I went over the dried wig with acrylic plaint, making it look more stone-like.

I used clown-white makeup. I wish I had not used that, as it was very greasy and smeared all over everything – everyone… Next time I will use a liquid makeup.

Be aware that the base and top of the column are 26″ squares, making it very difficult to transport. Though you can walk using baby-steps in the column, try to keep it to a minimum, I have huge bruises on the back of my legs from trying to move around with the column by simply lifting it. This does work, but again, you have to lift it and take small steps.

I must have had my photo taken over 500 times; everyone wanted to have a photo with me.