My sons'(age 2 & 4 at the time) favorite movie is “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, so as early as summer they told me they wanted to be Oompa Loompas for Halloween.

I wanted to make these little Oompa Loompas costumes myself, but I am not much of a sewer so I knew I wouldn’t make anything scratch with a sewing machine. Instead, I used white baseball pants that were several sizes too big. They needed plenty of room for extra layers of warmth underneath and so I could make the sides stick out (which was my biggest challenge!).

For the shirts, I used white turtlenecks which I dyed brown. I used white craft tape for the stripes on the neck and the sleeve cuffs. For suspenders I used thick white ribbon and sewed them to the pants. I couldn’t find any big buttons in brown, so I used white ones which I painted with acrylic paint, then sewed directly onto the pants.

For the leggings I used brown woman’s trouser socks which came up to the thighs of my sons so they stayed up and helped add a layer of warmth. I used the same white craft tape for the stripes on the socks as I did on the shirts. The balls on their shoes were Styrofoam, which I painted with brown paint and then again used the craft tape for the swirls (they wore brown shoes they already had). I bought the green wigs.

I had a hard time trying to figure out how to make the sides of their pants stick out, yet be comfortable and not collapse. I finally discovered sun visors with elastic bands, slid them over their heads, and rested one on each hip underneath the pants.

I’m not exactly sure how much time I spent overall on this homemade little Oompa Loompas costumes since I started gathering all the bits and pieces in early September, but I don’t think I spent more than 4 hrs total between the dying, painting, sewing and taping.

The costs for these homemade Oompa Loompas costumes were: shirts $3 each, pants $10 each, socks $1 each, wigs $8 each, and the balls, ribbon, tape, visors, dye and buttons were about $12 total. So each costume cost roughly $28.

I would also have bought orange face paint and white eyebrow pencil for their faces, but after getting my boys dressed up, they were too excited to wait any longer to have their faces made up, so I skipped the makeup.

Next Halloween? They’ve already decided – the Lollipop Guild munchkins from second favorite movie, “The Wizard of Oz”!