Graduation Celebration

We made Little Miss and Mr Men Group Costumes for our ‘Muck Up Day’ celebration to mark the end of our high school years down in Australia. The tradition is to dress up and go crazy!

We dressed up as the characters, adopted by the Hargreaves children’s picture books:
Little Miss Naughty
Mr Bump
Little Miss Fun
Mr Worry
Little Miss Sunshine
Little Miss Chatter Box
Mr Grumpy
Little Miss Giggles

The Costumes were completely homemade, except for the coloured stockings and t-shirts worn underneath the costumes.

Little Miss and Mr Men Group Costumes Method:

  1. Buying 4m of coloured fabric and cutting out 4 equal circles (depending on the shape of your character).
  2. Then like you would make a pillow, sew two of the four circles together. Make sure to leave enough space somewhere to stuff it.
  3. These costumes should be life size, so that means our bodies will be completely covered.
  4. Attach straps for over the shoulders and around the sides which would effectively keep the costume on your body and stick the two pillows together.
  5. Then we would get other fabrics such as felt to make the features on our character’s face. For example, for me being Mr Bump, I got white fabric and stitched it to the top and bottom of the body on both ‘pillows’ and made lines with black felt. I also used black felt to make the eyes, mouth etc..
  6. The last thing to do was stuff it with a basic fluff. Then, finally, sew the hole I left to stuff it.

It’s a pretty simple costume to make and for someone who has never seen a needle and thread before – I believe I did a pretty good job in the limited time I had!

You can check out an awesome Mr. Happy, also on this site, right here!