This Leprechaun is my 9 year old son Ayden’s 2013 costume. His grandmother makes his costumes every year, and every year they are always unique! We live in a small city where pretty much everyone knows each other and everyone in the area loves to see Ayden’s costumes! As you could imagine this puts a lot of stress on my mom to make each costume better and better, at least it’s not me!

This year was no different. My son decided to go with the evil Leprechaun idea after watching a ton of old horror movies. After searching  and searching images she started the costume, most of the clothes were purchased at our local Salvation Army. The costume was pieced together, the biggest purchases were the hands $15, mask $15, hat $10 and some gold buckles and buttons about $5.  The cost was not  too much considering how great it turned out! The best part is everyone’s reactions, grown adults want to run from the little leprechaun!