This is Lego Ninjago Kai. I asked my five year old son Blade if you could be anything in the world for Halloween, what would you be? He quickly answered a Lego Ninjago!! It was on!

I started brainstorming how to make the perfect costume. I looked at pictures and toys to get ideas. I started with cardboard for the body and legs. The arms and hands are made out of PVC pipe. The head is a small basket with a bowl on top. I cut out holes for the eyes then taped mesh so that he would be able to see. Then the best part, I wrapped it all with red duct tape!! I traced the dragon decal on card stock paper and spray painted silver.

This LEGO Ninjago Minifigure Costume was a hit!  It won first place and Best of Show at a local festival. Best part about it was total money spent $9.00.