This Halloween I wanted a costume that would be scarier than previous years costumes I’ve made. I wanted something I could wear out taking my nephews trick or treating and scare the neighbors, so it had to be maneuverable and easy on and off. I also wanted a costume that was Halloween theme related.

I decided on the Killer Pumpkin theme, a pumpkin creature that rises out of the pumpkin patch on Halloween night to wreak havoc, and so made this homemade killer pumpkin scary Halloween costume.

I made a paper mache pumpkin head with a color changing led light. I then made a 3/4” pvc framework to sit on my shoulders. It goes down to my waist and is secured with a belt. I then made pvc arms and secured them at the shoulders with eye bolts. The arms are hinged at the elbows with some aluminum straps. There are handles on the rear of the forearms that you hold onto to move the arms. I then made branch like hands out of wire, cardboard and covered with plaster cast material. The forearms were covered with cardboard and plaster casting to look like branches. I painted the hands, arms and head a couple of days before Halloween. I was in a rush, so they are not quite as good as I wanted.

I then had a hooded cloak sewn to fit the costume dimensions and added some leaves and trimmings. It was supposed to be more vine-like but again I was pressed for time and didn’t quite get the look I was seeking. The head and arms are removable so the base costume can be altered for future use.

All in all this homemade killer pumpkin scary Halloween costume turned out pretty good, it is over 7’tall, the arms have a huge spread and in the dark it is pretty scary.

The costume is fairy light and comfortable to wear. It met all my design requirements and was a big hit in the neighborhood.