I was the Joker last year for Halloween 08 but I did it my own way but this year I really wanted to go for a screen accurate take on the Joker Costume. I think I got what I was looking for. The whole process began around the end of August.

I was going to go for the look of the Joker when he’s locked up at the police station at first and I had it down with the sloppy make up with patches of skin showing. I then realized around the middle of October that it was going to be pretty damn cold by the time Halloween came around so I had to find me a long purple coat.

I decided to go with the scene where he crashes the party look. Luckily for me I had an old grey coat that looks exactly like the jokers in the movie.

I searched for many thrift stores but I found almost everything I needed at the first one I went to. I picked up a wig, a tie and a pair of dress shoes which resemble the Jokers on screen. The shoes were also about a size bigger than I wear which I liked because the Joker is a clown after all. I then ordered the socks he wore which were more expensive than the shoes and wig together. I went to Kmart and found a dark blue dress shirt.

I then got a fabric marker and cut out a hexagon to trace the pattern. I had the perfect pair of dark purple pants just laying around my house so I didn’t need to worry about that. I ordered a vest from Amazon which looked pretty close to the one Heath wore on screen. I’ll probably get a better one next year. I also dyed the one I used to get a darker green.

So after everything was set I realized that I need a coat so I looked around the house and found the perfect coat gathering dust in the closet and I wasn’t about to dye the whole thing so what I did was go to Home Depot and got some spray paint. I first sprayed the coat white, I let it dry then sprayed some more white. I then sprayed the dark purple and it took a few layers but I’m very happy with the outcome.

I cut and styled the wig with beeswax and other random things. I sprayed it green and wet it to get that greasy, grimy look. The make up is easy to do. I don’t know how people can screw that up but I see a lot of screw ups online. first I applied the rigid colodion on the sides of my face. For the scars I got them pretty deep and almost exactly screen accurate. I then applied the white to my face and ears and let it dry and crack to get a worn out look.

Then it was on to the eyes. I found perfect cheap make up for the eyes. It was thick as hell and when applied it still looks wet which is how the Jokers make up was. After the white and black it was time for the red so I smeared a big red smile while staring at pictures of the Joker (I’m a bit obsessed as you can see) and I think I got my screen accurate.

There’s always room for improvement next year. Thanks for checking it out.