This jelly beans costume is a last minute create your own costume for my teen daughter. She helped me blow up the balloonushered colored two poster boards with markers, then taped each balloon to the poster board and we had two clear rain ponchos that we used for each poster board filled with balloons. I then punched holes at the top of each poster board and threaded yarn through, to make like a sandwich board sign.

I stapled the ponchos to either side of the poster board and then added yarn on the side under her arm for support. We found a cool, colorful polka dot hat in the garage to top it off. My daughter then decided to add a tag with the words jelly belly using stickers, and added blue curly ribbon for the top. We added the jelly bean logo for the front.

This costume took a total of 2 hours to make and the cost was $3.00. We are very pleased with the outcome, just in time for a outing with the Girl Scouts tomorrow.