My name is Brad from Sirbrad’s Horror FX, and I design life-sized movie quality costumes of horror icons. I specialize in Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Madman Marz, Jeepers Creepers, Terminator, Leatherface, and many more! I have been featured on DVDS and the official F13th website several times now. I grew up on horror movies and I started making Jason and Myers costumes in the early 80’s as a kid, and now today I design costumes for people worldwide! I have done more Jasons than any other costume so far, as he was always my favorite overall. I have been designing costumes at this level for about 3 years now, and this year things have really picked up!

I always wanted to have a Jeepers Creepers costume, and a life-sized display for the house. I never could find any for sale and never seen any good ones made, so I decided to make it happen myself. I bought an official mask and real felt hat for it, then bought a brand new western duster and some black leather gloves. I also used a pair of black boots. I began making the under shirt which was brown, and cutting it up with various tools, knives, scissors, wire brushes etc. I tried to replicate the movie as much as possible. After that I did the same thing to the duster. I then began weathering the shirt with dark blacks and browns, as well as some deep reds for blood etc.

I then used some gray paints to simulate dirty mud and lighten up the duster and black pants, as well as the boots. I did the same on the hat and added bullets holes through the front and back of the hat. I also cut out the axe head out of cardboard, and used a plunger handle as the handle. I then cut out some more little pieces of cardboard to attach to the handle to look like a mounting bracket with fake screws, which I used a paper cutter to make fake little heads. I then glued it all together and painted it, and sealed it in gloss to look wet.

I bought 2 6 foot boards from Lowe’s to make a scarecrow cross, as well as some screws and twine, to simulate the opening scene in Jeepers Creepers 2. I also bought a black scarecrow with glowing red eyes to place on the Creeper to make it look even more scary. I also made a pair of hands out of a cheap pair of demon hands that were white, I painted them dark gray with black highlights in shadowy areas. I then painted the nails black, and used some gloss to give the hands a wet look.

I then made some eye inserts by gluing some half doll type eyes to some pieces of cardboard, and then taped them inside. This Jeepers Creepers Costume was a lot of work but well worth it in the end! I plan on doing another even more realistic version with huge wings and feet soon! Flash photos over-exaggerate the colors also, it looks best seen in darker lighting.

You can see tons more pics on my site… and here’s my Youtube channel…