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Coolest Homemade Jack Skellington Halloween Costume 23

by Ken D.
(Dayton, Ohio)

Homemade Jack Skellington Halloween Costume

Homemade Jack Skellington Halloween Costume

After searching for an authentic looking "Jack" mask and realizing there weren't any, I gave up the search and decided to try to make my own Homemade Jack Skellington Halloween Costume. Looking at several "Nightmare before Christmas" web-sites I found my favorite "Jack Face" picture. Tried looking at a variety of baskets, bowls or anything I could find that were the right size and shape.

Once again, denied. I decided to use chicken wire and paper mache to achieve my goal. After cutting and shaping the chicken wire into two pieces (front half and back half so I wouldn't have to have a hole big enough to put my whole head through) allowing for a neck hole and eyes. I covered both halves of the chicken wire with newspaper strips/paper mache, leaving the eye holes open. I got some paper mache paste powder at the Craft store, adding water to the powder gives you an almost clay like compound.

I added this all over the mask and used it to shape around the eyes and nose. After the paste was fully dried, I shaped and sanded it with some help from my Dremel tool. Cut out the lines for the teeth, then painted the whole thing white with black detailing around the mouth/teeth area. Decided to use Velcro tape to hold the halves together, after wearing it a while, found it was better to leave a gap between the halves to let more air in. Used black see-through fabric in the eye holes so I could see out, but they still looked black.

Got an old sport coat and black pants and painted on the pin-stripes. Used a toy stuffed bat for the "Bat Bow Tie". This Homemade Jack Skellington Halloween Costume turned out pretty impressive, especially standing next to my girlfriend's home-made "Sally" costume.

Jack Skellington Halloween Costume

Jack Skellington Halloween Costume

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