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Coolest Homemade Jack in the Box Halloween Costume 16

by Elena
(Mountainside, NJ)

Homemade Jack in the Box Halloween Costume

Homemade Jack in the Box Halloween Costume

When I was younger I never wanted to have the same costume as someone else, so my mom and I always made my costumes at home from scratch. This is the year I decided on a Homemade Jack in the Box Halloween Costume.

Materials needed:
Cardboard box
Wrapping paper/ (or sticky fabric)

Basically we cut the top off a cardboard box big enough for me to fit in squatting. The bottom was left in one piece cut off on all sides but one to create a folding lid. We then wrapped the box in sticky fabric that looked festive and circus-like. Then with a hole-punch we made holes in order to attach the open side of the lid and the base of the box. My dad added on a handle to the side from a broken expandable hat rack.
I then dressed up in a wig and some clownish clothing and added some face paint.

This way I could squat with the box closed and my sister would then crank the handle while humming the tune “pop goes the weasel” At the end I would pop out and scream, “trick-or-treat!” All the neighbors were very intrigued when they first opened the door to just see a box on their porch. It was a huge hit!

We only had to go out to buy the fabric, which was probably $10.

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