My boyfriend’s favorite movie is Nightmare Before Christmas, so naturally we chose to dress up as them. We were not impressed by store bought ones so we decided on our own homemade Jack and Sally couple Halloween costume ideas. I did not want to wear an extremely long dress so I opted for a shorter version. It was a lot more work than we thought, but totally worth it!

First we went to the local salvation army, and bought different materials for my dress patches and the slacks and blazer for my boyfriend’s costume. I had an old bridesmaid dress that I took to a seamstress and had shortened, than we cut up the different materials and sewed them onto the dress with the help of my boyfriend’s mom, you need to be careful though because I sewed the pieces too close together, and accidentally made the dress smaller.

For Jack’s costume, we used tape for the stripes on the pants, and cut the strips into smaller abstract shapes for the vest part. We inflated a large balloon, and did the paper mache mask. I carved out holes and the mouth after it was painted and dried, and we put black panty hose on the inside, so he could see and breathe. The bat was made out of the foam paper and safety pinned to his shirt.

I also made my wig my knotting red yarn into a hairnet, it took quite a while and was a little too puffy, but was a success. We made his hands by painting on some old gloves of his. My makeup was fairly simple, all I did was buy cheap white eyeshadow and apply it all over my face by using liquid foundation as a base before. I cut out stripes socks I had and used them as leg warmers and wore black heels. I drew the stitches on with a black pencil and bought fake eyelashes!

Our costumes were very popular, and especially appreciated because they were basically from scratch. We actually won a costume contest!