This Halloween, my girlfriend and I wanted to do a couple’s costume, but we wanted to steer clear of the typical Halloween cliches. Since we’re both big fans of the Indiana Jones series, we thought it’d be fun to try out a couples twist on the familiar Indiana Jones attire. The result, “Indy-Anna” Jones and her dear old dad, Dr. Henry Jones, Sr. (made famous by Sean Connery).

We spent the night party and bar-hopping throughout Washington, D.C., and the Homemade Indiana Jones Couple Costume was a massive hit everywhere we went. And best of all, both costumes were cheap and easy to put together.


The tan shirt is an “Adventure Girl” costume top (which you can find online or in Halloween stores), but it was really just a long, khaki-colored top. The brown canvas jacket was purchased at Marshall’s. We’d initially wanted to wear a brown bomber jacket, but ultimately we found that the brown canvas was both cheaper and more feminine than the conventional dusty, beat-up leather alternative.

“Indy-Anna” gave the costume some shape and femininity by wearing a thick brown belt around her waist, and she hung the whip ($7 from a costume shop) from an old leather watch band from off of the belt. The hat was an inexpensive replica from the same costume shop ($12).

For the lower half of the costume (not pictured), “Indy-Anna” just raided her closet. Underneath her long shirt in lieu of actual pants, she wore a short black pair of “boy shorts” (I’m a guy, so I don’t know what they’re actually called — pretty much the female equivalent of men’s boxer briefs) over tan leggings. As footwear, she wore a pair of brown, just-short-of knee-high women’s boots which she already had in her wardrobe.

Total cost: $40.


I already have a beard and glasses, but finding the proper “Dr. Jones” hat can be tricky since it’s something of a cross between a fedora and a bucket hat (study photos of Sean Connery from the film, you’ll see what I mean). I got lucky on eBay for about $13. Once I had the hat, all I had to do was use a can of that costume hair-color-stuff to spray-paint my actual beard ($3).

Bow ties are cheap and easy to find (clip-ons work just as well). The black umbrella, however, took a bit of searching since most modern umbrellas are squatter, plastic, and/or more compact. But the pointy black umbrella is crucial — so keep looking (or spray-paint another pointy umbrella if you have to)! I managed to find mine at Burlington Coat Factory for $7.

In the movie, Dr. Henry Jones wears a grey tweed three-piece suit. If you can’t get an exact match, don’t sweat it. People tend to think the suit was tan or brown anyway (likely because the movie was set in a desert), and thrift stores are great place to find perfectly acceptable grey and tweed substitutes. As long as it’s a three-piece suit in a neutral-colored earth tone (NOT black – that’s too “James Bond”-esque!), you’re good to go. I found mine (a three-piece camel-colored corduroy) years ago at a thrift store for $10, and it matched the hat perfectly.


Indiana Jones Costume

Indiana Jones Costume