This homemade hydrangea flower costume was made for my daughter when she was 3 years old. She absolutely loved the hydrangea flowers that we had growing outside of our house and just HAD to be a hydrangea for Halloween.

Where to start… I found a plain green turtleneck and some textured green fabric at the thrift store. I made a simple pair of green pants. I sewed some leaf shapes, which I cut from felt, onto the neckline of the turtleneck. For the back I shaped some leafs out of wire coat hangers and stitched some of the green fabric over the top to make some leaf wings. I used more wire, with fabric tube wrapping, to make the stems of the flowers.

On top of the stems I glued some large Styrofoam balls. For the flower balls I made small holes in the Styrofoam with a pen. I put glue in each hole and using the contrasting flower shapes I pushed them into the holes to create a flower ball. I attached the leaf wings and the stems in the back and added some elastic to fit around her arms. Since the balls were a bit top heavy I had to add a tie to keep them from falling forward. So there are two green ties around her chest with felt flowers glued to the bottom.

I covered a regular thick headband with a fabric tube. I then sewed up some flower petals out of felt and inserted a thin wire to keep the shape. I stitched the petals onto the headband and glued some small flower shapes for added dimension.

For the shoe covers I cut some felt to fit over her shoes with a hole in the back large enough for her foot to fit through. I then sewed some elastic to the middle of both sides which fit under her shoes to contour over her foot and so that they would stay on.