We go to a Halloween party every year and I am always at the last minute trying to find something since he hates to wear any costume whatsoever. He came home from a hunting weekend right before party and I had this idea of a Homemade Hunter and his “Dear” Costume.

These are real deer antlers, which my husband got about about a year ago. I had this fur vest and I Googled a picture of a deer and painted my face as such, even had the shot to the neck and don’t forget the tag.My husband tagged my ankle.

I also got some small black material and put some around my wrists and shoes to make it look like the hoofs. The face was very easy to copy. The hard part was hooking the antlers on. I tied them to my daughter’s head band to keep them on. It was pretty tight but it stayed on. The only major problem was making sure I didn’t poke anyone, and to top it all off, it was a big hit, but some avid deer hunter mentioned that I had actually put the antlers on backwards which made it even a more hilarious costume.