This is an account of the Homemade Hummer H2 Transformer Costume that I constructed for my 12-year-old son, Duncan. He is the transformed robot mode of an alien “autobot” Hummer H2.

The costume is actually an elaborate exoskeleton with parts riveted to a framework underneath.
This framework was made from different-sized plastic insulated coffee mugs, drinking
cups and bed frame risers.

All of the body panels are pop riveted to the under armor. The main body panels were cut from a large-scale, detailed remote control Hummer H2.
Some of the leg pieces were cut from the large-scale remote control “Batmobile” from the Batman Begins movie. The knees and elbows actually pass through the rubber tires from the RC H2.

The helmet and mask are a two-part system, and the mask is removable. The mask is made from several different pieces, which include a desktop organizer for pens, pencils and post-it notes.
Some other parts on the mask are a soup strainer, pieces from a “Bionicle” toys packaging, shaving razors, wheels from a wind-up toy car, milk-bottle caps and rubber door-stoppers.

The eyes light up and are powered by two individual LED book clip lights that are riveted to the backside of the mask. The helmet was once a Red Spiderman, a hard-shell toddler’s bicycle helmet. The entire chestplate, from the shoulder down to the codpiece is held on with six Velcro straps.

The headlights, turn signals, and chest logo light up and are powered by six individual LED book clip lights. His shoulder pieces are a 4-part system that is part of the under armor framework, and consists of two desktop trashcan lids housing two metallic gold cereal bowls.
The thigh pieces are made up of panels cut from the Batmobile, and the rear quarter panels from the Hummer, including the rear taillights that light up, and are powered by two more LED book clip lights.

The leg pieces below the knee are very much like ski boots in the way they are put on and taken off. They are actually snow boots inside a hard- shell outer boot. This outer boot was made from plastic coffee mugs, scrub brushes, windshield wiper blades, milk caps, soccer shin-guards, pool drains, parts of the Batmobile, and compression springs for movement.

My son had a big hand in the design of this costume, and the original idea for it was his.
A lot of the design evolved over the course of the year and last-minute modifications had to be made because of how much he grew during the year!

He endured countless hours of test fittings as I strived to make this costume as light as possible while allowing for free movement.

Tonight, Halloween was a great experience for us both as the costume was a sensational hit wherever we went.