Every year my sister has a Halloween party and this year I wanted to go all out and stand out from all the store bought costumes. I went online and typed in Goddess, and a great pictured popped up which inspired me to be ‘Hindu Goddess Kali’. I used this picture enclosed to make my homemade Hindu Goddess Kali costume.

I first ordered a mock nude spandex suit then, red eye contact lenses online. I then made every piece of jewelry, using super glue, hot glue gun, tons of different types of rhinestones and wire edge ribbon. I was very detailed in making all the bracelets, necklaces, choker and using different types of gold wire ribbon as the base.

Then I found 6 skeleton arms with hands and even bend which was meant for decorations on your lawn. I bought gloves and stuffed with fiberfill to make it as if it was my real arm. Then made a back pack style and stuck the arms in it. Then I used a paper plate, a bald head, an x-mas ornament, and two toy swords that the arms held.

I decorated, painted every single piece and even glued on hair to the bald head. Then I bought a crown (king and queen) type, but wanted it to look more like a pope’s hat, So I used different shapes of plastic canvas (used for cross stitch) and used metal wire to attach to the existing crown and then used foam sheets, glued it to the back of the canvas to give it support. I then took a piece of material that was attached to a jester mask, measured it to my face and glued it to the bottom of the crown. sprayed paint on to the entire crown, then gold leafed the crown, then used garland beads, doilies, wired ribbon, 3 gold hooped earrings and many rhinestones and gold play coins giving the crown much dimension. It looked like I paid alot of money.

Then took 5 pairs of earrings for each side that dangled at the bottom. I used white tights, cut them and put them over my platform shoes and where the tights end, I used gold fabric – tied it in a knot and attached garland beads from the knot to the bottom of the shoes. I used theater red and blue face paint, and matched the blue with regular blue paint and painted the gloves, the body suit, the tights. I then attached 3 long black wigs to the front of the crown.

It took me over 20 hours and about $200 to make. I wanted it to look real… And at the party, I knew I had achieved the look… I felt like a movie star. However, I wasn’t thinking about entering a contest, until at the end of the party, people I didn’t even know said I should enter. Therefore, people at the party have a lot of pictures of me, but I don’t have many. I was extremely detailed and had the best time at the party…..