How to train your dragon. I made toothless 5ft long out of a roll from a fabric bolt, covered him with foam than black fabric. His eyes are 2 balls cut in half and painted them with glow paint, his horns are cut off of a mask I already had – I painted them also. I put a foam spine going down the back and painted it. I cut the tail like a fish tail with a belt around it. I used two kites for the wings than covered them. I put small handles to carry him by.

Hiccup is made of a piece of fur cut and glued on the sides, the shoe covers are from last year – I added fur on top. The hat is a knight hat I painted silver. The horns are made of air dry clay and the wig is glued into the hat. I hand stitched and glued it all because I can’t sew. Hiccup’s clothes are also leftover costumes.

I paid $10 for all the stuff I needed for this by getting it at yard sales. Toothless is a little heavy to carry around but he is a great prop.