My daughter decided on a homemade headless zombie Halloween costume idea last year so we thought about it all year around and as Halloween approached she decided to make it a Headless Zombie Woman. We scouted out the local thrift store and found a black dress with long black matching coat for the dress $5.00.

To make it all come together for the body we took an old book bag filled it with Styrofoam and poked holes on top of bag for wire clothes hangers to go through. We straightened the hanger and poked through and took blocks of Styrofoam you buy for floral arrangements, and stacked them on top of each other over the clothes hangers to make it sturdy. We then took plastic bags and filled with stuffing for shoulders. For arms we took cardboard from wrapping paper rolls and rolled them in stuffing and put in sleeves.

We bought the gloves from a discount store and filled with stuffing and safety pinned them on to arms and arranged to make them look like they would be cradling her head and pinned her candy bag to the gloves. After assembling it all together we took a round Styrofoam circle for floral arrangements for the neck and secured it on top with a pencil. After placing all this on my daughter we put it on and found a place mid dress to cut a hole for her head.

For makeup, which I think helped make the costume, we applied 2-ply toilet paper to her face with Elmer’s glue little pieces at a time till her face was covered. The trick to this is placing a little glue to her face placing the toilet paper and then put a thin layer of glue over it starting at ends and working in. It will wrinkle as you go which helps for the dead rotted skin look. It takes all this about 45 minutes to dry. After it fully dried apply Halloween makeup starting with a brown blotted all over and green black around the eyes and mouth to give them a sunken in look. Then with a toothpick cut the mask in places you would like to have a wound lay the dead skin back and paint with dark red to look gory. I also did the same process to the neck the day before so it would have time to dry.

After she got the body on, we applied blood all over. It was the best Halloween ever!! She was a hit. People stopped us for pictures, she made little kids cry, and adults just stared. She was the talk of the town.