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Coolest Homemade Headless Horseman Dog Costume 38

by Linda M
(Palm City, FL)

Homemade Headless Horseman Dog Costume

Homemade Headless Horseman Dog Costume

This is a homemade headless horseman dog costume I made myself. The frame for the headless horseman is made out of PVC pipe, then it is wrapped with batting to fill out the body. I then used a child's shirt and pair of pants.

I purchased a cape and used a red piece of fabric to make the neck look like it was bloody. I put a pumpkin on the hand that is held up in the air and has a flashing light inside. I made the saddle out of fake leather fabric and the bridle I made out of vinyl and put two rings on the side to make it look like he had a bit in his mouth.

I made a breastplate out of vinyl and also the cinch out of vinyl. They fasten on his chest and under his belly to hold the horseman on. It only weighs about 5 lbs so it is very easy for him to carry. He loves to get dressed up in his costumes and gets so excited when I am making them and he has to have a "fitting".

I have won many contests with this homemade headless horseman dog costume and everyone loves it.

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love this
by: Sue

Just wondering by chance if you make these to sell. I am very interested in this costume but have no talent to make one. Would love to buy one from you.

Love it!
by: Anonymous

What a perfect costume. I have a St. Bernard and we can't find a costume big enough to fit him. Think I might try this for him. One question, are the legs made out of PVC also or is that just the batting and it's secured around the dog. Great job on this!!

Absolutely love this costume!!
by: Jodie Maggs

My fiance and I absolutely love this costume. We own an Akita and we're trying to find a Halloween costume for him, however because he's such a large dog it's hard to find a costume that will fit him.

by: Anonymous

I absolutely laughed out loud when I saw this picture... ingenious!!!

by: Tracey

I absolutely love,love,love this costume. Not only a fantastic idea but an extremely well done job!

Would love to purchase
by: Anonymous

I love this costume! I have a large Siberian Husky and have trouble finding a costume for him. Im a little sad i cant purchase this one. But great talent.

How did you make the hooves?
by: Kassi

Great costume!! I'm going to try to make it for my lab this year. I have one question, how did you make the hooves on the dogs feet?

How to make hooves
by: Anonymous

I made the hooves out of strips of vinyl material and hot glued velcro on the edges that come together when you wrap it around his leg. If you have any other questions let me know. :)

Headless Horseman
by: Mimi

This is awesome!!!! Made this for my great dane for Halloween this year! Love Love Love!!!!!

Please Post a Picture
by: Linda

Please post a picture of your Great Danes costume. I would love to see it! Had a great time making this costume. A lot of imagination went in to it.

Frame of the Horseman
by: Jan

How thick is the frame for the horseman and how did you connect the pieces to complete the frame?

by: Linda

I think I used 3/4" pvc with elbows and 45 degree elbows. It's been so long ago that I can't remember. :)

Costume Question
by: Dakota

Cool costume. How did you get him to sit up and attach him to the saddle?

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