I took a lot of time to make this Homemade Headless Bride Halloween Costume. I looked online and did some research on ideas for this costume.
I found one on Instructables “ Headless bride from Duct Tape”. I chose this one for a challenge and it took 3 weeks to make this.

I had followed the instructions step by step on this and began with duct taping my whole torso for the main part (with my best friends help). I used plenty of paper mache to make it sturdy. Used white paint for Primer. I painted the parts which would be showing a flesh color. I used a margarine tub to shape as the neck then paper mache and red fingernail polish for the dripping blood effect.

We used 2 bamboo poles (3 ft each) to connect her to the back pack and the torso. We used Styrofoam pieces we got from Sears back in their recycle bin (since they had a variety of shapes and sizes) we needed to stabilize and secure the poles up inside her torso (one on each side running parallel )and put some Styrofoam down in the backpack along with duct tape to secure the poles inside the backpack.

I put her on with the dress and my head sticking out of a hole we cut in the dress. I wore a crinoline with white gloves. I could access and use my hands freely wearing this costume. It was not heavy for the bamboo poles and Styrofoam made it light. We used plenty of bungy cords to keep her close to my body and stable all night long. I danced, and I didn’t have to duck under doors since I am only 5’3 under my torso.

I won the contest and I will wear it again next year. It cost me about $60 for all the supplies. I bought the dress at a Thrift store along with the crinolin for a cheap price. I worked hard on this and it was a challenge. I couldn’t believe the end result. Incredible costume I made this year.